Kees Hoogendijk

Kees Hoogendijk


Kees was born in 1946 in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands. He received his Masters degree in chemical engineering from the Technical University in Delft, the Netherlands in 1970.

He held several senior positions in the oil and chemical industry (Gulf Oil), prior to starting a petrochemicals trading company, LOGA Chemicals, in 1982. In 1992 LOGA was sold to a major oil and gas company in the USA. In 1994 he started his own venture capital firm Kegado.

Kegado creates transformative business initiatives. It’s portfolio includes participations in several companies:

1. Climate Neutral Group CNG markets CO2 certificates from projects which reduce CO2 emissions and have positive social impact at the bottom of the development pyramid (biogas, cooking stoves)

2. Business4Life co-creates transformative technologies and radical social innovations. Business4Life constitutes a global network of scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs. This network respects individual human rights, respects nature and uses the science of nature to develop technologies that are in harmony with nature by design.

3. Energy4Life supports the development of new energy technologies and participates in projects related to cold fusion(LENR). Furthermore Energy4Life explores the application of gravitational forces, centrifugal forces, magnetism, electrostatics and electromagnetism in combination with parametric resonance to produce clean, abundant and affordable energy, available 24/7/365. Energy4Life participates in a multitude of global networks aimed at creating these new energy technologies.

Kees is co-founder of the Vital4Life Foundation, a not for profit organisation which supports early stage technology development related to clean energy. Furthermore the Vital4Life Foundation supports the development and application of psychology, philosophy, meta-mathematics and meta-physics in the context of manifesting new energy technologies.

Kees is a passionate participant in a number of global new energy research networks that serve the goal of creating a variety of stand alone Free Energy devices and making them available to society at large in an orderly way.

Free Energy will enable households all over the world to have their own electricity and heat generating devices. This will also enable households to make their own water, through water condensation from air or small scale desalination of seawater.

This will greatly improve the quality of life for the 3.5 billion people who currently have no or only partial access to electricity and/or clean water.

New clean energy technologies are emerging, which use the forces of nature, will be capable of providing energy 24/7/365, will significantly reduce the cost of energy for all, will catalyse the birth a new economic paradigm and lead to a more equitable and peaceful society in the near future.

Dominique van Kooten

Dominique van Kooten


Dominique was born in 1970 in Johannesburg, South Africa. She is a graduateof the Small Business School in Haarlem,The Netherlands. She held several management positions in the fashion industry, prior to starting her own company Universe Holding in 2000.

Her guiding principle is: “Be the Change you want to see in the world”.

As a social entrepreneur, she believes that the development of consciousness is the most powerful lever to create a better world. She is active in many fields related to the development of consciousness.

One of her great passions is creating awareness through Art and Interior Design. Interior design is a natural way of expressing inner beauty. In her work of creating blissful decors she works with colour, sound, symbols, natural materials and sacred art. Then integral interior design creates a feeling of well-being and “coming home”.

Creating coherent interior beauty is all about adding One and One and achieving Eleven (1+1=11), thus creating inner balance at all levels: Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit.

She reads and studies passionately to re-collect, re-member and satisfy her soul’s desire to fully experience this beautiful earthly world. She is convinced that curiosity and an open mind is the key to human progress.

She is a co-founder of the Vital4Life Foundation.

As an African her dream is to see the African Continent transform from a caterpillar into a colourful butterfly. She imagines to be one of the “imaginal cells” freeing the caterpillar from its restricted environment and making the butterfly experience a free, abundant and peaceful world.

She lives the African principle of Ubuntu: “I am who I am because of who we all are”.

She is convinced that this transformation will greatly accelerate when Free Energy Technologies are available to serve every household on the African Continent.

She envisages that families have their own independent power source, local economies will flourish, water can be cleaned or be condensed from air, sanitation and hygiene will be much improved, mothers will have more time for child care and education, internet connectivity will be available to all, local agriculture will develop, local trade will flourish and that women are fully respected for who they are.

She believes that “independence of centralised power grids” represents an inspiring metaphor. Local development equals local empowerment.With Free Energy people can create their own local energy, agriculture, water, food, health and culture based education “grids”.

She is determined to apply her grit to enable Africans to let go of the grip of “centralised power grids”, to re-connect with themselves and to co-create local collectives respecting nature and rooted in Ubuntu.