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Statement Financial Overview Vital4Life Foundation2006-2012

The Vital4Life Foundation has raised funds from donors throughout its history with the aim to support the development of New Energy Technologies. These donations were received from mostly private donors which resonated with the goals and objectives of the Vital4Life Foundation.

The mission of the Foundation is to act as a catalyst for the development of new energy technologies and play a vital role in communicating the significant potential of these technologies and help  create a sustainable, peaceful and abundant future for humanity. In our history we have funded the development of five specific new energy technology projects.

1. Turbo Project

The Turbo Project was started in 2006. This project is designed to harness energy from the Coriolis Force. The initial design has been amended a number of times. The machine is currently still under development in the Netherlands. A Company has been created by the name of Coriolis Energy Corporation to advance the realisation of this technology. This company has attracted several small investments that enabled CEC to advance its research work.

The Vital4Life Foundation has played a catalysing role in the development and provided the initial funds to get the Turbo Project started. The project is led by the French scientist Patrick Cornille, co-founder of CEC. The Solemundi project, as mentioned in our overview of the history of the Vital4Life Foundation, was part of the design of the Turbo Project.

2. Bichevin Project

This project was started in 2006 and was build on the reputation of the Russian scientist and inventor Alexander Bichevin. His expertise was in the field of what is named High Voltage Chemistry. We performed many tests with Mr.Bichevin and his son. We established a small laboratory in Hilversum in the Netherlands to enable him to work here and perform tests.

Although we learned a lot from Mr. Bichevin it proved difficult to advance our projects with him, due to lack of real meaningful progress, language and cultural barriers. We ended this project in 2008, when it became obvious that we could no longer justify our support for his work.

Through our engagement with his work we learned many things about the potential of high voltage chemistry and learned that performing traditional chemistry by applying just temperature and pressure is a highly inefficient way of conducting chemistry. We began to understand that chemistry in Nature is (for the most part) conducted through the presence of high voltage fields at the micro (nano) molecular level.

This also gave us an understanding of how nature conducts Low Energy Nuclear Reactions. This led us to understand cold fusion (LENR) at an early stage. LENR technologies are now being developed commercially by a number of companies. The field of LENR technologies is the first area of new energy technology that broke through since 2012. LENR has the potential to partially replace fossil fuels and traditional nuclear energy. We are grateful for the lessons we learned from Mr. Alexander Bichevin.

3. Project Kazachstan

This project started in 2007 when we learned of an entrepreneur from Karaganda in Kazakhstan that it may be possible to convert CO2 gas directly back to Carbon (C), through the application of high voltage fields. We learned that the seemingly impossible reaction to convert CO2 (greenhouse gas) to Carbon could possibly be created through the application of high voltage gradients in a reactor that consisted of an array of sharp needles.

Although more technologies are known and applied to clean off-gasses from technical installations in this way it proved hard to validate scientifically that this reaction actually took place. A team of the Vital4Life Foundation paid several visits with advisers from a large international chemical company to evaluate the technology. It was finally decided that we would not pursue this project because of technical and commercial uncertainties and cultural barriers.

4. Water Project

In 2007 the Vital4Life Foundation supported a project that planned research into a technology aimed at splitting water in a way that was more efficient then traditional electrolyses to produce hydrogen and oxygen from water. After some initial tests we learned that splitting water through the use of pulsed high voltage fields could be possible.

It was established, after much study, that many scientists in the word had tried this approach, but did not yet succeed. Our research has since then been concentrated on the reasons why this water splitting technology may have been realised in the past, but is not being replicated at this point in time.

By our involvement in this project we found further confirmation that chemistry conducted by pulsed high voltage fields has great promise to change the chemical industry in the future.

However a large research budget would be necessary to successfully conduct this research involving many diverse engineering skills to come to integrated multidisciplinary solutions.

5. Eco-Lodge Project

In 2007 and 2008 the Vital4Life Foundation participated in a research project that was aimed at improving the efficiency of fossil fuel combustion processes in cars and engines of electricity generators.

The GEET Technology was tested extensively. Also tests were executed with the creation of water gas (HHO) to improve the efficiency of the combustion process and reduce the emissions of exhaust gasses to the atmosphere.

Many tests were conducted and some positive results were achieved indicating that this process has merit. The implementation of this technology in existing engines proved hard to do.

Guarantees provided by manufacturers of cars and engines could be affected if such processes were applied. The regulations and legal aspects of such technologies proved to be difficult barriers to overcome.

Final Comments

Through are involvement in New Energy Technology research over the years we have learned a lot. We have also experienced that cultural diversity can play a role. We have become convinced that the development of consciousness along with technical and innovative skills are important attributes.

In the last 6 years we have focussed on coaching scientists and inventors in their process of personal development and nurturing integral intelligence. Through this process the Foundation is now involved in a great number of technology development projects all over the world.

Our future efforts will be concentrated on effective fund raising efforts and the guidance of inventors and scientist in embracing integral intelligence and integral science disciplines. We will also explore the rapidly growing phenomenon of Crowd Funding in the context of funding the activities of the Vital4Life Foundation.

The Founders of the Vital4Life Foundation
August 2014

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