The Philosophy of Manifesting New Energy Technologies

1. Introduction

History has known many amazing philosophers such as Hermes Trismegistus, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Kierkegaard and many more. Most of  these philosophers have engaged in exploring the Nature of Technology.

Recently, Mr. Gerard Visser, a Dutch Professor in Cultural Philosophy at the Leiden University wrote an essay concerning Heidegger’s “Question about Technology”. In his quest Heidegger builds further on the foundations laid by other philosophers regarding the Question of Technology.

The essays in this insightful book hold essential keys for emerging and manifesting new technology in ways which benefit mankind. Heidegger questions everything. Through a very precise process of construction, destruction and re-construction Heidegger deepens his understanding of the “Nature of Technology”.


2. The Nature of Technology

In the beginning of the review of Heidegger’s question, it is postulated that there is an Eternal Presence of a Universal Source. From within this Universal Source an evolutionary impulse originates. This impulse leads to temporal expressions of technology serving humanity at each stage of its evolution. Heidegger postulates that successive temporal states emerge to serve eternity. He suggests that Evolution is a natural process of successive temporary conditions going through stages of construction, destruction and re-construction eventually leading to higher states of natural order and effectiveness.

This corresponds with Hindu Philosophy where Brahma is the creator, Vishnu the enabler, maintainer and Shiva the destroyer, transformer.

Man is the instrument in the process of Technology emergence. By nature all people strive to know more and to dis-cover more. Man has a desire to dis-cover that what wants to become known to mankind as tools for personal and collective growth. This growth serves the eternal process of unfolding evolution.


Heidegger views Technology as an instrument in the hands of Man. All technology has a positive evolutionary intent, as well as an inherent danger. The choice of how to apply Technology is in the hands of man.

For instance nuclear technology can be used for energy generation, but also for war. In this context it is interesting to note that at this time in our evolution a more benevolent expression of nuclear technology is emerging.

This is called Cold Fusion or Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR). LENR builds further on the work of many biophysicist (Kervran, Carrel, Mizuno, Chisima), who explored low energy nuclear reactions in biology. In the field of biological transmutations LENR results from observing the Technology of Nature.

The Internet is another example of technology dis-closed into the hands of Man. On the one hand the internet serves as a global connector of likeminded souls. On the other hand it is a space for scrupulous intrusion into the private domain of people in all sorts of ways. Man uses Technology in various ways according to the stages of evolution of individuals and collectives.

Technology challenges Man to find Truth through practicing authentic correctness in dis-covering and applying Technology. Manifesting Technology is equivalent to allowing the emergence of “some-thing” that is already Present, to arrive in the experience of the Present Moment.

According to Heidegger all knowledge, including the unknowable, is embedded in the Eternal Presence of Universal Source.

Clara Jessup Bloomfield-Moore writes in her book about John Worrel Keely and his profound inventions in the area of “Sympathetic Resonance” in the late 19th century:

“God sends His teachers unto every age, with revelations fitted to their growth”.


John Worrel Keely said about his life long work in Technology:

“There is a celestial mind-force, a great sympathetic force which is life itself, of which everything is composed”


These insightful statements by John Worrel Keely and his passionate supporter Clara Jessup Bloomfield-Moore correspond with what the most of the great philosophers found in their search for the Nature of Technology.

3. Technology as a Way of Dis-Covering the All-Ready Present

Aristotle described Technology as a virtue of human reason, a way in which Man relates to Reality.

Reality seen as Re-Ality suggest the possibility re-alignment, re-alighting. Re-Ality in this way can be viewed as constantly seeking re-alignment and the urge to throw new light on things. This reflects Man’s desire to know more and to dis-cover more. Viewed this way Reality is an Eternal moving target encompassing the Unknowable.

Aristotle sees Science as a way of explaining the phenomenon of experiential technology. More often then not Science follows technology. Technology dis-closes and dis-covers that which wants to be known to mankind in its stage of evolution. Technology wants to reveal Truth.

Living that Truth challenges Man. Already in the sixteenth century a Spanish court order prohibited the straightening of rivers because their form was determined by the Creator. Such wisdom, seeking and sensing for Truth has been lost in Man’s recent excursions into the one dimensional domain of material gain. This was done at the expense of our earth, our environment and individual human rights. That, Heidegger argues, is also a danger of Technology.


In that sense one could say that Nature asks to be respected and for her immutable laws to be dis-covered and applied. Technology is a way of Universal Wisdom flowing
through Man to know his authentic Self.

Discovery takes place where Man opens to allowing the eyes and ears to hear and see what the heart and gut is revealing. Sustainable technologies emerge when these natural impulses are followed.

The author and historian Thomas Carlyle also made a study of the evolution of Knowledge and Technology.

He said:

“A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge”


“Genius is the clearer presence of God Most High in Man”.


“Adversity is the diamond dust that Heaven polishes its jewels with”

This refers to what Heidegger postulates. It is that Technology has two sides. The good side serves humanity to evolve in harmony with Nature. The other side invokes adversity. Adversity serves as the diamond dust to polish Man in his quest of discovering authentic Truth and practicing correctness in the process of expressing Technology’s evolutionary urge to manifest.

4. Technology Manifestation as a Way of Answering a Calling of Source.

Heidegger postulates that there is a Universal Calling for Technology to manifest. Man is the shepherd of Technology manifestation, not the Lord. Technology harbours a potential evolution towards Freedom for Man and Society.

This is not a freedom to live in randomness, nor a freedom casted in binding rules to ensure safety. Rather, it is a Freedom to follow the personal and collective impulses of finding Meaning and Truth in allowing Technology to emerge.

We are Free when we resonate with that benevolent urge that wishes to come through us and make our dreams and passions come True. In that sense Freedom is knowledge of choice and possibilities. That what makes us Free is a mystery and will remain a mystery. Heidegger calls it The Secret. Yet the Secret endeavours eternally to make us Free. It calls on Man to answer to the invitation to dis-cover Freedom, while respecting The Secret of its origin.

Heidegger further states that Technology holds the promise of saving us. Technology is saving us from the inherent dangers that come along with the manifestation and application of Technology. In a way it is a process of learning to tune into the authentic impulse of technology. When the dis-coverer does not live the Truth the “danger side” of technology will show itself. When we live in Truth and listen with openness to our heart and intuition the True intend of Technology will manifest. It will free is from existing external and material bondages.

If we look in our society today many services and products are tending towards freedom. Freedom in the sense that there is no cost involved and we can use these services anywhere. We can communicate for free via Skype, Face Time, Wee Chat, What’s App and so on. Music is virtually free and accessible everywhere. And when Free Energy Technologies will manifest in the near future, also energy will be virtually free for everyone and available everywhere.

Technology demands of Man to be heard and implemented with integrity so that true Freedom emerges. There is general awareness that every individual has been equipped with unique talents suited to answer to the individual Calling. Man’s free choice is to answer to that calling or not. Not answering to this Calling harbours danger. Danger can manifest in the form of fear, stress, health complaints, illness and so on.

As Thomas Carlyle said: “adversity is the diamond dust that Heaven polishes its jewels with”. All people are jewels in their own right, whether we know it or not. All people have a Calling. It is up to every individual to answer to that Calling. When we decide to follow the flow of life we cannot but birth the exquisite expressions of our unique talents.

In today’s increasingly connected society it is easy to inter-act with like minded people. This is also an opportunity to listen to our hearts, act on our gut feelings and come in contact with our own Unique Calling. This global inter-connectivity is a timely opportunity to express our unique talents in a collective with a purpose that resonates with us in the core of our being.

Nature thrives on diversity. When unique Callings find responses, the power of humanity’s diversity will become apparent and a significant force for Change will emerge. Change in Truth equals Freedom.

5. The Philosophy of Free Energy Technology

Many discoveries have been made by many inventors in the last 500 years in the area of Free Energy Technology. With Free Energy we mean technologies that use the forces of Nature. These forces are for instance: Tensile Strength of materials, Gravity, Magnetism, Centrifugal Forces, Static Electricity, Weak and Strong Nuclear forces, Geothermal, Wind and Solar energy.

Today we stand on the shoulders of these in-novators: Leonardo Da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Johan Bessler, John Worrel Keely, Nikola Tesla, Edward Leedskalnin, Victor Schauberger, Richard Buckminster Fuller, Walter/Lao Russell and countless others .

We honour them for their authentic way of answering to their Calling from Source.




All of these in-novators truly answered to a Calling. They brought many new technologies to the world. Most of their technologies did not manifest in a way that lead to the manufacture and distribution of these technologies to mankind.

Some technologies came to fruition and they showed us the two sides that Heidegger was eluding to. Other benevolent technologies did not make it to the market for a multitude of reasons. This served to provide us with insight about the danger that Technology harbours when we do not follow the true Nature of Technology’s Calling.

Now is a time when we are preparing to manifest these Free Energy Technologies. Many collectives are being formed all around the world with the intend to allow the birthing of new energy technologies in true harmony with their powerful and benevolent nature.

Man is Thomas Carlyle’s polished jewel. The functional frictions in the Free Energy Collectives which we are now co-creating will further polish us towards a state where alignment is more important then agreement. Alignment is a space where diverse points of view can co-exist and applied for the benefit of progress for all.

6.Manifestation and Implementation of Free Energy Technologies

The question remains how we can prevent de danger side of technology. As Heidegger states: Man is the receiver and shepherd of technology.

Therefore it is in the attitude of Man that lies the Danger or Benevolence of Technology. 

We are Free when we resonate fully with the benevolent intend of Technology, without getting in the way of what wants to manifest. That means that we are free from material considerations, free from old programs, free from fear and other danger invoking emotions and/or thoughts.

A way to avert the Danger of Technology is to create teams of Free Energy Technology workers who dedicate themselves towards preserving purity of intend in their work and include a code of honour in their collaborations.

A code could be as simple as a commitment to always and unconditionally honour the Golden Rule:

“Do Unto others as you would have them do upon you” 

This Golden Rule can apply to all aspects of Technology manifestation. This constitutes the process of discovery, R&D, manufacturing, marketing, distribution and financing. In all these areas new appropriate and benevolent Technologies are emerging.

The integration of new Technologies and systems in all areas of the manifestation is key to a successful implementation of Free Energy Technologies in society at large.

7. The Business of Manifesting Free Energy Technology

The business of manifesting new energy technologies touches all aspects of creating a new business. Just like Technology has a mind of its own, so do all other aspects of the business have a urge and tendency to be manifested in a space where respect, curiosity and openness is present for that what wishes to emerge.

This involves a continuous process of seeking Truth in what we do while we engage in the process of bringing new Free Energy Technology into being.

The Founders of the Vital4Life Foundation have practiced the teachings and postulates of Heidegger and found them te be accurate and valid. It provides us with powerful tools of transforming our way of guiding inventors and creating effective ways of manifesting technologies.

We have developed a blend of methodologies that enable us to ask questions that tune into what Free Energy Technology wants from us and how we can act to respond effectively to the urge Technology Manifestation.

This has provided us with insight how other businesses can also benefit from this approach.

8. General Business Consulting

We are aware that many organisations and corporations will face extensive transformation in the next 5-10 years. When this transformation is not embraced timely and effectively, these businesses will most likely decline or perish all together.

We have already seen that the introduction of wind and solar energy has wiped off about 400 Billion US$ of the market value of utility corporations in Europe over the last ten years.

An important catalyst for further transformation in this industry is the emergence of a whole new class of new energy technologies. These new energy technologies will have efficiencies that are much higher then the energy technologies currently employed.

This will change the face of the entire energy industry in the world. This will effect all companies active in the field of power generation, oil&gas exploration/production, offshore services, oil and gas distribution and so on.

The services which the Vital4Life Foundation provides are valuable both for the companies creating these New Energy Technologies as well as those companies whose businesses are threatened by the emergence of these technologies.

We intend to offer our services to every organisation that wishes to embrace fundamental change.

The methodology we use corresponds to what Heidegger postulates regarding the Nature of Technology in relation to Man’s quest for Truth. The methodology which has been developed is named “Deep Simple Change” and rests on three important pillars.

1. Quantum Diagnostics 

The Quantum diagnostic tool scans the bio-field of the individual and makes clear where an individual manifest imbalances in the body and the bio-field. These patterns can be seen at the individual level. Also imbalances at the collective level can be identified. This gives information about the process that can restore balance both for the individual and the company in question.

2. Business Constellation 

The Business Constellation offers an opportunity to experience and influence natural balancing forces which impact teams, leaders and entire organisational systems. The constellation provided new ways of creating organisational effectiveness, illuminate strategic directions, clarify where and how organisational inertia can be transformed into inspired action and informed leadership. The constellation also provides insight into new directions that lead to effective transformation and clear ways forward.

3. Deep Simple Questioning 

The Deep Simple Process poses questions requiring inner reflection for answers to appear. Deep Simple questioning brings up heartfelt answers and enhances trust in the accuracy of intuitive action. In this way information is obtained which clarifies sources of organisational inertia, provides new insights into company strategy and knowledge how to incorporate Deep Simple Change in daily business conduct.

All individual processes contribute towards achieving rapid and effective integral change. Together these individual components constitute the Deep Simple Change methodology. Deep Simple Change is a highly effective way of creating answers to the questions that live in many business and also was the motivation for Heidegger’s quest into the Nature of Technology. What wishes to emerge?

Kees Hoogendijk

Co-Founder Vital4Life Foundation