Who We Are

19908688_mlWe are a global network of inspired scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, visionaries and sacred activists dedicated to co-create, co-develop, open source, share, manufacture and co-distribute new decentralised self-sufficient energy technologies and related services.

This new class of energy technologies now emerging, use the forces of nature which  are available everywhere, all the time. They are based on the intelligent harvesting of gravity, inertia, centrifugal force, magnetism, quantum field energy, low energy nuclear chemical reactions, plasma and high temperature light.

Our network has learned that these forces can be harvested in safe ways and that the associated energy technologies are highly efficient and self-sufficient. Therefore will  be affordable and available to everyone, everywhere.

We foresee that some of the most powerful technologies will evolve and mature  rapidly through open source development and the creation of inspired local  manufacturing and implementation models further accelerating the introduction in our global society.

This evolution is showing itself already; inventor collectives crowd-source financial support for innovative energy technology projects, share innovations openly on the world-wide web, thereby excessing the best and most inspired talents to co-create  improved expressions of the principle innovations.

Our global network encourages inventors to share their innovations, crowd-fund their  projects and explore new ways of developing their innovations  towards properly tested, safe, certified and commercially viable products and services.