Psychology of Free Energy

1. What is New Energy?

New Energy is created by technologies which are designed to harness energy from natural forces and/or phenomena such as light, sound, static electricity, magnetism, inertia, gravity, centripetal forces, the quantum field to name but a few. These natural forces and working principles are available everywhere, all the time.

New Energy created this way, is cheaper, cleaner and safer than all other energy sources used so far in the history of mankind. Historic energy sources are: animal dunk, wood, coal, crude oil, fuel oil, gasoline, natural gas, hydrogen, nuclear fuels, biomass, hydropower, wind and the solar power.

As we can see from the graphic below, there is a clear evolution of the raw materials for energy production. First they were solid, then they were liquid, then they were gaseous and then we used solar radiation. As can be seen in the graphic below there is more then sees the eye and there is still a long way to go.


In the past 300 hundred years many inventors have made attempts to use the hidden (poorly understood) forces of nature. Many new energy technologies are known, created by Nikola Tesla, Johan Bessler, John Worrel Keely, Victor Schauberger, Edward Leedskalnin and many more.

However none of the “new” energy technologies from 1712 (Johan Bessler) on towards 2014, has made it to the market in such a way that society at large uses these technologies today.

To find some answers we will look at pioneering scientists who could see from their perspective that these technologies would come. And we have to look at some philosophers who had something to say about this. Most science pioneers turned towards philosophers in the later years of their lives. Ken Wilber writes about this phenomenon in his book “Quantum Questions”.

2. Pioneers of New Energy Technologies

Albert Einstein was a great scientist. He postulated many new physics theories and is also known for his visionary quotes. Let us look at one of his often used quotes.


“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”

This is a way of explaining the law of energy conservation. Main stream science “therefore” concludes that perpetual motion is impossible; not to speak about perpetual acceleration. However science has recently established that the Universe is expanding at an accelerating rate. Apparently perpetual acceleration is an evolutionary phenomenon.

Therefore we must be extremely careful when we impose limits on the law of energy conservation. Simply because we lack understanding of what energy really is and what enormous energies we are surrounded by. We must take into account all forms of energy, even the ones we do not understand. That is truly scientific.

At the moment scientists do not know what gravity, dark matter and dark energy really is. We do know however that they represent enormous amounts of energy, since scientists have established that 80-90% of the mass is missing in the Universe according to their equations. The mass or energy is not missing, the equations are missing 80-90% of reality; they are simply incomplete.

Let us turn to a quote of Nikola Tesla. He gave us a clue when he said:
“If you want to know the secrets of the Universes, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”.

We have now found that to be true: Energy is Vibration is Frequency is Form.

He also said:
Todays scientist have substituted mathematics for experiment, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality”.


It is now known that there is a quantum field with a very high energy and mass density. This field represents an infinite amount of energy and vibrational frequencies. It is said that one cubic centimetre of space contains enough energy to supply the energy needs on our entire planet for one year.

The quantum field has many names: the ether, the field of universal consciousness, zero point field, universal scalar field, ocean of energy, field of infinite potentiality and so on.

Many inventors in the new energy technology field perform experiment after experiment, step by step, to create the new energy solutions. The solutions they are creating will shape the future of science through which the results of these innovations will be explained.

When Columbus made his journey and discovered that the earth was round, science had to adjust their models reflecting a round world in stead of a flat one. Science is a close examination of practical experiences and an ongoing evolutionary adjustment of models and equations. Science is always in evolution as long as there are a great many mysteries which science has not solved.

In science there is no place for inertia nor dogma.

Philosophy, Art and Science interact. Perhaps the integration of Philosophy, Art and Science. Perhaps this is what Einstein meant when he said:
“problems can not be solved by the same level of thinking that created it”.

3. Philosophy of Science

What did Einstein mean when he said this? Can we create solutions to today’s problems if we evolve to the next level of thinking? How do we evolve to that next
level of thinking?

In her book titled “Keely and his Discoveries”, author Mrs. Clara Sophia Jessup Bloomfield Moore (circa1890) said:
“God sends His teachers unto every age, with revelations fitted to their growth”.

And Thomas Carlyle said:
“A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge”


And Thomas Carlyle said:
“Adversity is the diamond dust that Heaven polishes its jewels with”

If we summarise the above quotes it could look like this:

We need adversity, societal inequity, ecosystem degeneration and global warming to experience that the system that created these effects is no longer serving us as a humanity. Social frictions, environmental degradation and scientific inertia serve evolution. It polishes and refines the rough edges of our society to a more shiny one.

Therefore we evolve to a next level of integrated thinking where technologies are created which solve many problems at the same time. The “revelations that fit our growth” will be granted to us when we evolve and long for a future where there is equal opportunity for all in a peaceful and abundant world. The desire to create the new science and knowledge comes from a “loving heart”.

Science has proven that a great deal more neural pathways are going from our heart to our head than the other way around. The same is true for the seat of men’s intuitive thinking in the belly region.

The next level of thinking emerges when we develop the intelligence and trust to listen to the wisdom of our heart and develop deep faith to trust our intuition.

We learn to to this when we have stressful life experiences which we do not want to repeat. When we change our thinking and change our belief systems we start to create new things in our lives and new technologies that serve humanity better.

In the graphic below an idea is given how human motivators naturally evolve over time.


As these motivators evolve, more integral thinking emerges, we see the world with different eyes, our desires are shifting and we feel that we need to make our individual contribution to the evolution of our species.

This is when we are coming into contact with the thinking of our heart and our intuitive capacities. That is when new energy technologies will emerge in our society.

4. The Psychology of Manifesting New Energy technologies

As we are aware there have been 300 years of development of new energy technologies and yet none of them is available today. The inventors of the past lived in times where their inventions were not understood and ridiculed. This can be understood, because integral thinking had not evolved in a critical mass of people, scientists and business people. At some occasions the new technologies were deemed not to be in the interest of certain business groups.

Today we live in a society where money is still the primary focus of general business activity and the valuation of companies on the worlds stock exchanges. It is believed that creating business models which respect human rights and protect the environment make less money. However the profits are privatised and the costs are socialised. It is now obvious that we need a change of business ethics, transforming our way of business conduct to an inclusive model where all costs (including social and environmental) are included in order to provide honest products an services to clients.


Business ethics need to change. That also means that the manufacturing and marketing of new energy technologies need to occur in the same inclusive environment. If a new energy technology is seen as the next way of creating fortunes then it will simply not work.

Businesses focussed on manifesting new energy technologies require managements styles that reflect the higher level of thinking that Einstein meant. The entire chain of inventor, investor, developer, manufacturer and distributor will need to adjust to this new level of inclusive thinking and ethical business conduct for these new technologies to be available for everyone, everywhere, soon.

It means that not only inventors need a change of heart, but also the whole business chain.

It is a time where the CEO of a corporation need to take him-self to the office. At home he is a father, a grandfather and perhaps a grand-grandfather caring for the well being of his future generations. In the office the CEO often turns in a man (or woman) which often neglects the interests of all future generations including his own. That clearly needs a change of heart.  It is that change of heart which will unleash the new energy technologies in the world.