New Energy Technologies


The Vital4Life Foundation is deeply committed to tell the story of the realization of a whole new class of energy technologies to a global audience. New energy technologies  have been around for more then 300 years. However, these technologies have not been made available to the public at large until today.

The history of the evolution of energy generating technologies has been clarified in the  section current energy of the Vital4Life Foundation website. Energy technologies evolved from solid fuels (dunk,wood, coal, biomass), to liquid fuels (oil, gasoline,diesel, fuel oil, biofuels), to gaseous fuels (natural gas, propane, butane, hydrogen, biogas) towards energy technologies that are driven by water, wind and solar energy.

In most of the technologies economics of scale have dictated the construction of large fossil fuel driven power plants, nuclear power plants, water dams, wind farms or large solar energy installations. At the local level or household level water, wind and solar energy is still very expensive and therefore prohibitive. This is because these  technologies are inefficient by design. On average wind and solar energy is only available 15-25% of the time, depending on local weather conditions.


The graphic reflecting the various renewable energy technologies shows two dimensions. We can say these two dimensions reflect the aspect of money and the aspect of connection to nature, using the inherent forces of nature, such as geothermal, water, wind and solar energy.

A new class of energy technologies is now emerging. These new technologies add an other third dimension to the landscape of energy generation technologies. In the flatland of existing energy technologies this new dimension is not (yet) recognised by main stream science institutes and those involved in producing energy from sustainable and green energy sources. It is evident that these existing renewable energy are still relatively expensive and use forces that are not everywhere all the time.

The new class of energy generation technologies uses the forces of nature that are available everywhere all the time (24/7/365). Therefore they are particularly well suited to be implemented at the local community or individual household level. New energy technologies will bring power to the people, first and foremost to the 3.6 billion people who have no or only partial access to electricity.

The installation cost of water, wind and solar energy is between 2000 and 15000 Euro per KW effective capacity. With new energy technologies this cost will be reduced by a factor 10-50. This would make energy available and affordable for all.

The new energy technologies use forces or energies that nature provides: gravity, magnetism, centrifugal forces, low energy nuclear reactions (LENR), mechanical- magnetic- and electro-magnetic resonance, cavitation, vortex phenomena, light, sound and specific geometries.

New Energy

Over the last 300 years numerous inventors have manifested new energy technologies, based on the forces of nature which are there all the time and everywhere. Some of these inventors were: Johan Bessler (gravity wheel), John Worrel Keely (sympathetic resonance) , Nikola Tesla (electromagnetic resonance), Edward Leedskalnin (levitation), Victor Schauberger (vortex technology), Richard Buckminster Fuller (geometrical shapes), Pons and Fleischman (Cold Fusion or LENR) and many more.

These inventors were ahead of their time and were often dishonoured, ridiculed or obstructed from bringing their technologies to the world. However, these inventors showed us the way. Today, many inventors are inspired by the examples that were given by these famous inventors of the 19th and 20th centuries. We stand on their shoulders when we bring the new energy paradigm to the world at large.


We will give a short review of a number of energy generation technologies that are currently being developed by a growing number of inventors all over the world. We have categorised these energy technologies in the diagram above.

Most of the energy technologies that have been in use are reflected in the red, orange and yellow sections of the diagram. As can be seen there are many more principle working mechanisms to generate electricity, heat or both. As we move into the green section of this diagram some very important characteristics emerge.

Most of the technologies are based on forces that can be harnessed everywhere on our planet and all the time. They are based on the intelligent use of electromagnetism, gravity, magnetism, centripetal and centrifugal forces in rotating and sometimes oscillating systems. They use the intrinsic forces of nature in an efficient way.

This means that the COP (Coefficient of Performance) can exceed 1.0 and can reach infinity, if the systems becomes self-generative. That means that after an initial start the system self-accelerates and can generate electricity on a continuous and stand- alone basis. This means that there is a very high energy density and means that the system is relatively small and highly cost efficient.

These inventions are being reflected on a great number of websites providing details of the principle mechanisms of these new energy inventions. These websites are:



We will review shortly the new energy technologies we believe are worth pursuing.


1. Gravity Energy Generators

We have supported a number of initiatives which aim to use the force of gravity to generate energy. We believe that Johan Bessler was one of the first inventors who created a machine that demonstrated perpetual motion derived from using gravity. His invention was made in 1712. Ever since inventors have been inspired by Bessler and have been trying to replicate his device. So far seemingly without success.

The Serbian inventor Veljko Milkovic has dedicated two websites to reflect his insights and also produced a book titled Gravity Machines. Many websites are dedicated to to provide explanations of the Bessler Wheel.

We have visited with a number of companies who are dedicated to apply the force of gravity to produce continued and/or accelerated motion. We believe that this can be done.


2. Centrifugal Force Energy Generators

We have visited with a number of inventors who apply the centrifugal force to achieve power amplification or self-powering devices. In these cases rotation is created by an electrical motor. Once a certain rotational speed is used the device self-accelerates and creates the opportunity to derive electrical power from it.

Several devices are currently being tested to evaluate the detailed functioning of these devices.


3. Magnet Motors

Magnetism is an intrinsic force which is a property of certain permanent magnetic materials such as Iron Oxide and Neodynium. The static magnetic force can be used to create sustained rotation, much the same as gravity and the centrifugal force can be used to produce electrical power.


4. Cold Fusion, LENR and Biological Transmutation

Biological Transmutation was demonstrated by a number of bio-physicists in history. Biological Transmutation is another expression for Cold Fusion or Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR).

The article in this link ( provides a detailed overview of scientists and experiments that proved that evidence of biological transmutation can be found in plants, animals and human beings. This research overview covers more than 300 years of scientific work of more then 20 scientists.

Stan Pons and Martin Fleischmann re-discovered Cold Fusion in 1989. Their discovery was ridiculed by the scientific community at that time. In May 2013 a report was published concerning an invention made by Andrea Rossi regarding his ECAT Cold Fusion technology. This report confirmed that a significant amount of anomalous heat was produced by his invention. Five reputable scientists risked their reputation by underwriting the results of their investigations concerning the validity of Rossi’s claims.

Although a complete theory has not been developed, the practical evidence of nuclear reactions is overwhelming and undeniable. In the history of science observed phenomena have always preceded scientific theories.

If we take into account the mounting evidence of more then 20 scientists that found evidence of such nuclear reactions, it is just a matter of time before the main scientific community will have to admit that Cold Fusion, Low Energy Nuclear Reactions and Biological Transmutation do exist. This will mark the beginning of new insights into biological processes and into the way of using cold fusion as a technology to create heat with a very high level of efficiency.

The value of cold fusion is immense. Many inventors and companies are now pursuing research into cold fusion. It has been proven that heat can be generated in excessive amounts at elevated temperatures. This would make it possible to incorporate cold fusion as a source of heat for steam production in traditional coal or gas fired power plants.

This could reduce carbon dioxide emission enormously, could clean up cities where particulate matter emissions are polluting the air and reduce the cost of electricity significantly.


5. Quantum Field Energy Generators

This Technology is labeled the QEG, the Quantum Energy Generator. The QEG is powered by energy derived from the quantum field. It takes a small amount of electrical power to rotate a copper wired core. This rotational action at certain speeds harnesses energy from the Quantum field. This raw energy is being transformed into electricity.

It is interesting to note that this project has been open sourced and funded by crowd funding sources. This makes the project highly visible and transparent. It has attracted large crowds of believers and non-believers. This dynamic is very interesting to watch.

The further development of the QEG Technology can be followed on:


6. Other New Energy Technologies

There are many more very interesting new energy technologies in development. If readers of this section are interested to explore more in this emerging field of energy technology development we advise them to start reading the websites indicated above.


Role of Vital4Life Foundation

The Vital4Life Foundation has supported many initiatives in the history of its existence since 2006. We have gained a lot of knowledge about new energy technologies and intend to continue this work.

We believe that society needs these new energy technologies to move forward in the next step of its evolution towards a more peaceful and equitable society living in harmony with Nature.