missionOur primary mission is to actively participate in the co-creation of an evolving  tsunami of positive global change. Our focus is directed towards the conscious creation of a new class of decentralised energy technologies. We are passionate about materialising the positive social, environmental, financial and  geopolitical impact these new energy technologies can bring about. We all surf on the waves of a new evolutionary consciousness, birthing a  new humanity which expresses a higher level of integration by including and  transcending learnings of the recent past.

The co-creation of a new class of technologies emerges when we resonate with  nature, value our earth and respect the birthright of each individual to experience  peace and abundance.

It is also our mission to share our insights and experiences with large organisations  to make them survive the treacherous currents of rapid change, to stay alive and  thrive through letting go of old patterns, embracing the new.

We believe that new technologies, combined with inspired ethical business conduct  will deliver affordable and sustainable health and wealth for current and  future generations.

Every organisation has a purpose to be, and a way to thrive while conducting its  affairs. It is the way of the sacred activist: expressing the individual blueprint through  compassion in action while blending spiritual wisdom and pragmatism.

Organisations living their blueprint know exactly what specific value they can bring  to society to effect integral positive change. Organisations express their blueprint when they strive to enable employees to express their own individual blueprint through learning by doing what people are passionate about, like most and do best.

We believe that our passion to create new energy technologies will show us the way how to co-create in a global network of inventors, scientists, investors,  entrepreneurs to serve our mission of mid-wifing the birth of these technologies into the world.

It is our mission to share our experiences with large organisations who intend to be an active participant in creating a positive future for all current and future generations.