As we publish our first blog on our new website we wish to express our deep feelings of sadness for the many casualties of the recent conflicts that are raging in so many countries all over the world. We express compassion for those who lost their loved ones, family members or friends in these many armed conflicts.

Perhaps all these conflicts are a sign of the transition we as a humanity go through. These conflicts may awaken us to experience the senselessness of causing harm to each other. Often things have to get really bad before they can get better.

On the face of it, these conflicts are seen to arise from ethnic, religious, cultural and political differences. Other possible causes of conflict are the divide between rich and poor and the desire to control essential resources such as land, minerals, energy, water and food.

We believe that the root cause of most conflicts lies in the individual feeling of separateness: a lack of experiencing the inter-connectedness of all life. When people feel connected with themselves and life, they feel compassion, an urge to care, an impulse to share, a willingness to forgive and a readiness to make peace.

The lack of inter-connectedness is also the reason for the general disrespect for nature and the large scale water and -air pollution that currently takes place all over our globe. A large part of our humanity has lost touch with the reality that we live on a planet with finite resources and that we borrow the earth from the future generations which we ourselves create.

Inter-Connectedness of All Life

When we feel inter-connected with all life, we respect individual human rights, we care for the wellbeing of animals, we care for nature and we respect our precious, yet fragile, environment. It is our natural inborn human tendency to live our lives in a loving and compassionate way in harmony with nature.

However, under challenging circumstances we can easily feel lost, alone, separate and disempowered by all that is happening in our lives and around us. At this stage of the evolution of our humanity and our planet it is quite a challenge for those who suffer most and have very little comfort of any kind to be connected.

As we all know, conflicts breed anger, sorrow and pain, which in turn create more dis-connection and more conflict. It is obvious that we need to break this “vicious” circle of poverty and violence. This simply means that we have no other choice than to take our individual responsibility to find our own ways to make that important re-connection with ourselves.

When we re-connect with ourselves we value the sacredness of life and we begin to re-learn the way nature really works. This re-connection will bring about a new generation of creative ideas and natural technologies that will be based on the principles of nature and will therefore be in harmony with nature by design.

Inter-Connectedness and Technology

As we wrote in an article on our website (“The Philosophy of Free Energy Technology Manifestation”) many philosophers and artists have concluded that Technology (Art, Music) has a mind of its own. Technology wants to be manifested through us (humanity), for the good of all.

Just as an artist is sensitive to artistic impulses which seek expression through him or her, such impulses also come to inventors and scientist when they are really connected. Those technology expressions which are coming to fruition through connected people are meant to serve the evolution of our species and will enable us to live in sustained harmony with nature. Then, and only then, our future generations will enjoy a similar or better quality of life then our current generations “enjoy” at this moment.

In the interest of the wellbeing of future generations and their environment, it is our individual and collective responsibility to go inside and nurture the connection with ourselves, respect ourselves, and love ourselves. Then we become sensitive for that which seeks to be expressed through us and that what matches with our passions and our own unique talents and skills.

Apart from the world we see “projected” on our TV screens and through ever so frequent news bulletins, there is also another world at the same time. That is the world in which many inspired people have made that inner connection with themselves and are passionately expressing what their individual talents and skills are calling for.

Developing entirely new ideas, social innovations and transformative technologies has been a difficult task for many people for many years. Many new ideas and technologies were not (yet) acknowledged by the scientific community, the dominant players in the financial world and/or main stream politics. It seems that a general lack of funds and rewards for good ideas and the lack of money for pilot projects has held the inspired social innovators, scientists and inventors back from truly manifesting their innovations and make them available for the benefit of our global society.

But is that really so?

Perhaps the desire to implement these wonderful projects originated from a space within ourselves where lack of recognition, lack of money, lack of support was still a dominant belief and/or the result of unresolved personal issues? Could it be that these experiences of lack were just projections of our own fears, our own lack of experiencing true inter-connectedness and hidden shortcomings in truly loving ourselves? In other words: Are we truly at peace with ourselves?


Now that the internet is deeply woven through the fabric of our society, our sense of inter-connectedness has been nourished in many ways, perhaps without us noticing or acknowledging it. Facebook, LinkedIn,Twitter, Face Time, Skype,Wee Chat and many other virtually free communication platforms have inter-connected the world and thereby many like-minded souls.

As we have witnessed, the rise of the internet economy mostly conducted in cyberspace has brought about the downfall of many traditional intermediaries as well as a meteoric rise of new highly efficient platforms that feed of the notion of connectedness. These developments have unleashed a huge potential for everyone to answer to our individual callings by expressing our passions through applying our individual unique talents.

These days, there is an abundance of wonderful projects initiated by individuals and collectives with authentic and ethical objectives. These projects are designed to enhance the quality of life of people, restore  nature and use the science of nature to create harmony with nature and the experience of abundance.

Crowd Funding

These inspired projects aim at caring for each other, sharing things together, restoring nature,practising sustainable agriculture, making biofuels, creating new energy technologies, promoting individual health, stimulating personal growth, establishing the inner connection and much more.

These projects now have potential access to funding through an exponentially growing community of crowd-funding platforms all over the world.

Good examples of such crowd funding platforms are, and many others. By the end of 2012 there were already 450 crowd funding platforms in the world. By March 2014 more than 400 crowd funding campaigns were launched on a daily basis.

According to many advisors, who closely follow the phenomenon of crowd funding, the growthrate of donation based crowd funding now exceeds 400% per year. Crowd funding can be accessed by means of participations in companies, participations in energy cooperatives, but also through donations.

According to these sources (see the article on our website titled “New Economy”), donation based crowd funding grows faster than participation based crowd funding. Many donation based initiatives are crowd funded successfully when the message is clear, short, authentic and comes from the heart.

A message from the heart is felt by the crowd without a shade of doubt. Messages from the heart resonate with and awaken our individual feeling of inter-connectedness. Just like we feel compelled to give to charities who serve good causes, so too do we give from the heart to beautiful projects and initiatives.

There is however an important distinction between project related crowd funding and charities. In crowd funding it is made very clear who is involved in the project, what the project budget is and what the project aims to achieve. There is a direct and transparent relationship between the project initiator and the donor. Good projects, which are well managed, keep in close contact with the donor crowd and this makes it possible to fund credible follow-on projects.

Feminine and Masculine

In the crowd funding space there are many ways of funding. The crowd can for instance participate in companies that provide good products and services. This mostly involves the participation of a private individual directly into the legal and commercial vehicle which is responsible for creating, marketing and distribution of the product or service. Legislation is in progress in the USA that enables the marketing of such participations to unaccredited investors.

Normally such marketing to unaccredited investors is bound by specific rules, which makes it difficult or impossible to participate in such ventures for small investors. This is intended to protect these small investors. Although this market will surely evolve, legal angles need to be addressed and resolved.

These equity participations are mainly based an rational decisions regarding the quality of the product or service, the vision behind it and the financial return that is expected or projected. This rationale appeals foremost to the masculine energy.

Most authors and columnists attribute the state of the world that we experience today to the dominance of the masculine energy in our society over many centuries. This is now set to change, as we can only connect with ourselves when we integrate the masculine and feminine in ourselves. Then we can also express this integrated inter-connectedness in our ideas, projects, products, services and technologies.

This is where donation based crowd funding comes in. Here there are no legal limitations. Everyone can give what he wants at his or her own choice. Most donation based funding requests concern early stage projects and simple, yet compelling ideas that speak to people’s imagination and relate to and/or awaken the human feeling of inter-connectedness.

There are some lovely and fascinating energy technology projects which appeal to the imagination of the public and got significant funding very quickly; often well ahead of the funding deadline, well ahead of budget or both.These projects are often brought to the public by women, naturally designed to appeal to the feminine.

Here are two examples:



Another creative project was recently launched concerning a biofuel project. It started a week ago on August 3rd and at the writing of this blog (August 11, 2014) it has already reached 30% of its funding goal of 60.000 US$.


Apparently the feminine energy speaks for it-selves and touches the crowd.This can be even better understood when we take into account how most women react to something they really like.

Crowd funding statistics indicate that if women feel a connection with an idea or project then on average 90% of them send in on to a friend. As a result of the high connectivity of women, on average a 100 women receive the message some how through the many social networks they participate in. On average donations to these projects amounted to 50 US$.

This means in effect that scientists and inventors who wish to connect to the crowd and receive appropriate funding for early stage projects with great promise and potential, have to develop and apply the feminine skills of communicating effectively and affectionally to the crowd.

A New Economy

It is now possible to see the rise of a new economy that is based (at least for a part) on the act of giving and receiving. These are the early contours of the Gift Economy which author Charles Eisenstein describes in his insightful book titled “The Sacred Economy”.

We have concluded that a good, short, simple and passionate presentation is an important key to success. Donors feel the energy of the people behind the project and intuitively know that it is good. Communicating projects to a willing and receptive crowd requires a good balance between the masculine energy (logical) and the feminine energy (feel good factor).

It is also very interesting to acknowledge that inventors recognise the need for developing inter- connectedness.They begin to recognise that this is what technology wants. It seems that this is also what the crowd responds to. Well what are we waiting for, let us get to work.

It is wonderful to acknowledge that passion, talent, skills, authenticity, money, feminine and masculine energy are now being integrated through our desire to engage the crowd and to get funding for our projects. This will surely make us more effective in bringing these innovations to the market place for the benefit of all.

There is undoubtedly a new economy emerging. When we communicate and connect in earnest with the crowd, then we can get the support and acknowledgement we deserve. Every one can do this. There is simply no lack of funds for ideas, projects and services which the crowd loves to engage with or buy.

The pathway to experiencing abundance in our lives is now evident.

Role and Services of the Vital4life Foundation

The Vital4Life Foundation assists inventors, scientist and entrepreneurs to integrate the methodologies and skills required to accelerate the development of ideas, innovations and New Energy Technologies.

We also assist management of corporations in guiding them through the benevolent, yet treacherous waters of the rapidly emerging transition of the global energy infrastructure.

Much company value can be lost if this energy transition is not noticed in time. Vice Versa, much value can be gained if this transition is noticed and participated in.

Kees Hoogendijk

Co-Founder Vital4Life Foundation.