Welcome to the website of the Vital4Life Foundation.

We are co-creating a wave of positive global change through our participation in the emergence of a new class of energy technologies.

We are aware that these new energy technologies, which use the forces of nature, other then water, wind and solar radiation, are relatively unknown in the academic environment, the business world and the global political arena. We intend to change that.

The founders of the Vital4Life Foundation have carried a great deal of research for many years into the working principles and theoretical hypotheses of harnessing electricity or heat from gravity, magnetism, centrifugal forces, mechanical resonance, electromagnetic resonance, low energy nuclear reactions, high voltage gradients, sound and light.

This has led us to conclude that useful energy can be harvested from these forces, that these devices can operate in self-sustain mode and that very high power densities can be created. These energy producing devices are highly efficient because they use forces that available all the time and everywhere. Wind and solar power can only be harvested 20% of the time and are dependent on local weather patterns.

Because these energy producing devices can operate on a stand-alone basis, they can produce energy continuously and be applied everywhere. This makes them very suitable for the many developing areas in the world where no electricity grids exist. Today 3.5 billion people have no or only partly access to electricity.

When energy is available all the time and at very low cost (10-20 times lower then today), it can also be used to condense water from air at times that there is excess
energy. This could represent a solution to provide clean water where there are shortages today. At this moment 1.3 billion people have no access to clean water and 2.5 billion have no access to sanitation.

The application of these devices would also make a huge contribution towards reducing global warming, reducing poverty and providing ample employment
opportunities. The prices of many energy intense products, such as food, would fall dramatically, thereby making these products more affordable for everyone.

As the promise of the introduction of these technologies in society is immense we are passionate about developing them and bringing them to the global marketplace.

Mankind has been to the moon, created the worldwide web, 3D printing and advanced robotics, surely we can realise a new class of highly efficient energy technologies.

Many people would be over the moon if this would happen.