Who We Are

We are a global network of inspired scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs dedicated  to co-create, develop, manufacture and distribute new decentralised energy solutions. Our passion is to ensure that electricity will be available and affordable for all within the next ten years.

Our Vision

The evolution of our Uni-Verse, our Planet and our Humanity is an exponential process of cycles of creation and destruction. At this moment vast destruction and inequity stares humanity in the face. It is an open invitation to mankind to engage in the next evolutionary leap.

Our Mission

Our mission is to participate in the co-creation of an evolving wave of positive global change. An emerging tsunami of new energy solutions that will transform everything very soon. Our mission is to work together with organisations who wish to be that change.

Our Blog

Butterflies are amazing little creatures. They symbolise rapid transformation. When they flap their wings they can create hurricanes of change . When we are passionate about something we feel them in the belly. Stay tuned to the blogging butterfly on this site!